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Photo of business owner, Megan Brown

Oh hello, I'm Megan

  • I live in Denver by way of Chicago, by way of Arizona. I'm the creator of this inappropriately appropriate collection of goodies. I'm also a wedding stationer and lettering artist. I have a sailor's mouth and I often forget to censor it around children.
I started The Card Aisle back in 2012. I was sick of having a slim selection of card to choose from that were so vanilla. My goal with my selection of greeting cards is to give people the sentiments we really want to share with our friends and family. I love the idea of stripping away the fluffy crap that no one actually can relate to. Life is a beautiful mess and mailing a greeting card to someone {for any occasion} should be authentic and genuine. No one cares for fluff.

How It All Started The Long Version

The Card Aisle was sort of an accident. When I say 'accident', of course I mean lovely accident. I took a Business Management class in college. Our final assignment was to write a business plan. Have you ever written a business plan? Not fun. We had to write every detail like where the shitter was going to be. For a college student who had absolutely no clue what they wanted to do with their life, a 30-page business plan was a slow death. I'm not really sure why I chose a greeting card company. I had always liked picking them out at the store. Like, really liked it. Hanging out in the card aisle (*wink*) at Target was my jam!

Anyway - We had to create a prototype for this business plan from hell. I designed two cards for my presentation and they were a hit. It was really weird and extremely exciting to watch people laugh at my greeting cards. Shortly thereafter, I made more and posted them for sale on Etsy. The orders kept coming in. I couldn't believe it. I even sold them at my college gift shop. I couldn't believe I could write brutally honest, ridiculous cards that people not only loved, but PAID FOR. I was hooked.

My cards are really random and I think that's what makes them successful. One might be a perfect, not-so-serious sympathy card, and the next might be the most offensive thing you've ever read. I'm happy to say that designing greeting cards is a hobby that will never get old for me.