Megan taking a fuckin' nap

The Card Aisle was sort of an accident

I took a Business Management class in college. Our final assignment was to write a business plan. Have you ever written a business plan? Not fun. We had to write every detail like where the shitter was going to be. For a college student who had absolutely no clue what they wanted to do with their life, a 30-page business plan was a slow death. I'm not really sure why I chose a greeting card company. I had always liked picking them out at the store. Like, really liked it. Hanging out in the card aisle (*wink*) at Target was my jam!

Megan looking like a boss

Anyway -

We had to create a prototype for this business plan from hell. I designed two cards for my presentation and they were a hit. It was really weird and extremely exciting to watch people laugh at my greeting cards. Shortly thereafter, I made more and posted them for sale on Etsy. The orders kept coming in. I couldn't believe it. I even sold them at my college gift shop. I couldn't believe I could write brutally honest, ridiculous cards that people not only loved, but PAID FOR. I was hooked.



My cards are really random. I think that's what makes them successful, one might be a perfect, not-so-serious sympathy card, and the next might be the most offensive thing you've ever read. I'm happy to say that writing greeting cards is a hobby that will never get old for me.