I'm moving to Madrid! My shop is closed for purchases while I adjust to my new life abroad. Please feel free to still look at all the goodies and be sure to check back soon!


  Please allow about 1-3 business days before your order is shipped.

Unfortunately, USPS isn't always reliable with their transit time quotes so if you need something by a specific day, upgrade your shipping method. UPS and FedEx are much more reliable shipping methods and typically cost an extra $5-$25 depending on the requested service (Ground, 2-Day, Overnight, etc.).

  Delayed or Lost Packages - USPS

Contacting the local carrier directly is often the easiest and quickest way to obtain tracking updates for your package, along with updates for late deliveries and miss-deliveries.

If your package is delayed or appears to be lost, try one of the three options below. Many small business owners find that for whatever reason, doing one of these three options makes the package magically appear. Ridiculous, we know, but it works more often than you think.

1.) Sign Up For Shipping Notifications - This one's easy peasy. Simply visit www.usps.com, enter your tracking number, and on the next page sign up for "Text & Email Updates".

2.) Find Missing Mail - Submit a Missing Mail Request.

3.) File A Claim - This one's a bit more tedious, so feel free to contact us directly if you're having trouble and we can try to help.


Most of our items are shipped in EcoEnclose rigid cardboard envelopes to prevent from any bending during transit. Paper products and stickers are placed in a cellophane bag to prevent damage from possible moisture leaks due to weather conditions.